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This Saiva Pitha is located on a hill with five natural Lingas and perennial streams. Its natural splendour draws visitors and nature enthusiasts. Throughout the year, a large number of visitors from Odisha and other states come here to see the Lord and enjoy the picturesque beauty.

Nilgiri Rajbati(Royal Palace)

This place can show us the ancient architecture of the mahal.This rajbati (Royal Palace) is at Nilagiri, Orissa. Historic place. Tourists can visit this historical place. Some parts of this Royal Palace are damaged. It is under maintenance. No entry fee required to visit this place.

Emami Jagannath Temple

This Temple built by the Emami group. The temple sits on a 3-acre area next to the Emami Paper Mills compound. Carved entirely in stone, it's fashioned after the Puri Jagannath temple, though some modifications, such as the addition of Konark-like chariot wheels.

Blue Lake, Mitrapur

The blue lake in Mitrapur, Balasore is an abandoned stone quarry now filled with water. This island is in the middle of the lake. The lake is about 16 kms from the Balasore town. The blue water of the lake coupled with the very beautiful island like structure with steep sides make it look like from another country.

Kshirachora Gopinatha Temple, Remuna

The chief deity here is Sri Gopinath, who stole the sweet rice that was meant for ‘Madhavendra Puri’. The free standing Govinda and Madana Mohana were brought by a devotee named Chaitanya Dasa Babaji; here. Sri Gopinath is made by black Stone, which is flanked by Sri Madan Mohana and Sri Govinda.

Chandipur, Balasore

The Chandipur beach is one of the country’s most distinctive sea beaches. The wide beachfront with no water invites people to trek up to 5 kilometres into the sea. Chandipur is also the location of the Indian Strategic Forces Command's Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Abdul Kalam Island, formerly known as Wheeler Island. A number of Indian missiles have been tested and launched from the ITR, including nuclear-capable Prithvi, Agni and Shaurya.

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